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1:1 Dance Training & Mentorship

Work directly with Reshmi to bring a personalised choreography to life, receive artistic feedback, advanced private training or book a mentorship call.


Learn to dance with Reshmi's  monthly lesson releases.

Your go-to, dance experience for classical, folk, filmy & one of a kind dance choreography

Production Management

Have Reshmi produce your next public art exhibit, production or workshop series, Reshmi brings a professional, structured, inspired and creative approach to ensure your next artistic endeavour is brought to life.


Reshmi has a highly creative energy and extreme passion for teaching others. Her offerings are actually quite fantastic. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn the movements, you get deep insight and experience through Reshmi herself. Her offerings and training programs are full of energy and a tonne of knowledge. A lot of my students and participants have taken part in her programs and they have loved it. I highly recommend Reshmi and her programs. You won’t be disappointed. 

- Laura Furtado, Founder, Diva Girl Fitness Inc.

Current Class

Spin Technique

Reshmi will be releasing 1 technique class every month on her Youtube Channel. By offering free programming, Reshmi can pass on the knowledge, guidance and traditions she received from her guru’s to the next generation and to anyone who may find it to be useful.

These offerings will be technical in nature and meant to help dancers  with their structure, speed, grace, definition and foundation.



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