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Dance with Reshmi

Reshmi’s On Demand dance library is your go-to recreational dance experience for classical, folk, filmi & one of a kind dance choreography

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  • Wanting to bring dance into your life?

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Learn to dance with Reshmi from her growing online dance library

Dance from anywhere where in the world, in the comfort of your home or together with your family and friends. #DancewithReshmi is your go-to recreational dance experience for Kathak, folk, filmi & one of a kind dance choreography.

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Full Season Subscription

  • 12 Lessons

  • 15% OFF Online Dance Workshops

  • Unlimited Streaming Access to lessons.


Cost: $144.00 + HST / year 

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Pay As You Go

  • Access the classes you purchase

  • Full Access to lessons for 1 year. 

Cost: $15.00 + HST / lesson


Hello Reshmi! I am learning kathak here in Australia and you have been a massive inspiration for me. Your movements are so beautiful and you have brought a lot of joy into my life during covid by sharing your choreography! Here is my attempt at one of your online tutorial choreographies! Keep doing the amazing work you do, and if you ever come to Australia when we are beyond COVID, i would love to meet and learn more from you! Stay healthy and safe

- Sanjana Sharma

Dance On Demand Library User

Am I too old?

Not at all! Dance is for everyone.

Do I have to have experience?

No experience is required.

Do you offer a certificate in Kathak?

No there are no official certificates offered.

Do you offer a free class?

Yes, you are welcome to download the FREE lesson.

What do I wear to dance?

Preferably clothes that you can move easily in. Tights/ Yoga Wear/ Shalwar Kameez.


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