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Daily Rituals, Self Devotion & Comfort.

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Reysh Rituals, a personal brand by Reshmi Chetram. takes us into her world, beyond dance. Having served her community through movement for two decades, Reshmi has birthed a new avenue of connection for her community through her life experiences. 

During her years as a caregiver for her mother, while becoming a mother amidst a pandemic, Reshmi found herself looking inward, to her inner sanctuary for a sense of ease, peace & connection. It is through this phase of her life that her brand was born, a part of her journey, here to stay and be shared through the curation of her collections.

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Tropical Leaves
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[role] models.

Reshmi: Tell us about one of your Daily Rituals.

Alex: I must, must must peel an orange. 

Featured Role Model, Alex John Doe, Professional Violin Player, Father & Philanthropist.